The data drive the patients drive the data

Using social networks to better engage with patients in big pharma can not only give voice to the patient perspective, it can also generate data that helps change the way organizations engage with their most important customers.

Hey doc, you up?

What if talking to patients, (the very thing clinicians and big pharma want to avoid at all costs), was actually a good thing?

The Copernican model of patient care

Is pharma waking up to the idea that putting patients at the center of everything they do is a powerful way to improve healthcare from clinical trial to creation of the label, and all the way through to therapies that encourage compliance?

What drives engagement, the system or the app?

The challenge with current healthcare apps is that they are typically very narrow. They don’t reflect the broader community that the patient engages with. And more practically, the data generated goes into a black hole. What if they could see ALL of their data and personal medical information on demand anywhere they went? 

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