About Us

We bring together great minds in the fields of health and tech
What happens when two thought leaders in these industries go off script and just have a casual conversation about what excites them? We think the incredible can happen, and we want to capture those moments. Icons.Health is a unique video series where we go behind the scenes, after the show, and become a fly on the wall to watch these leaders and hear their thinking and feelings about the future of health and technology. And who knows, a spark from this conversation could turn into the next big idea that helps shape the future of our industry.

AbelsonTaylor is a health and wellness marketing agency with a belief that remarkable things can happen when health and technology intersect. Our passion for what’s new and possible led us to create Icons.Health, and we wanted to share our passion and new ideas with others. Icons.Health is a place for the brilliant minds in health and technology to challenge each other, build on each other’s ideas, and perhaps even take the category in exciting new directions.